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Dec 13, 2011 3:00am PST
soldiers are dead after two army choppers crash during a training exercise. >>> jerry sandusky facing his accusers today. the men set to describe painful memories of how the ex penn state coach allegedly abused them when they were children. >>> and finders keepers. commenting on a drone that literally fell into iran's hands. on this "american morning." -- captions by vitac -- >>> and good morning to you. it is tuesday, december 13th. i feel like it's a homecoming. >> a long time since the three of us have been together. >> good to see you. >> as usual a busy, busy news morning. breaking news now. four soldiers are dead after two army choppers went down during a training exercise. it happened a joint base lewis-mcchord in washington state. crash investigators are trying to find out what went wrong right now. pliv on the pholive on the phon crash site. what do we know? >> i'm watching the lights of the recovery teams that have been looking throughout the night to go in the grim task of recovering those bodies of the four aviators that lost their lives. still don't know what we
Dec 13, 2011 6:00am EST
after getting all the intelligence they can out of it. >>> jerry sandusky faces his accusers in court today. they'll describe abuse suffered years ate at the hands of the former penn state coach. the judge will decide whether there's enough evidence to try sandusky on more than 50 charges of molestation of little boys. outside the courthouse in pennsylvania, susan, how many victims do we expect in court today to take the stand? >> reporter: you know, carol, it's impossible to say at this time. we know that there are ten victims referred to in that grand jury report and the prosecutors are aware of at least eight of them. look, counting up the numbers, there could be perhaps three to five victims who are able to take the stand today. alleged victims, to tell their story, and this is going to be fascinating, because for the first time we will hear likely in excruciating detail exactly what they say happened to them, and as you indicated, they'll have to do this facing jerry sandusky for the very first time, but it's not necessary for the prosecutors necessarily to put all of the alleged
Dec 7, 2011 5:30pm PST
else? >>> the penn state scandal. jerry sandusky arrested again, handcuffed at his home, taken to jail after two more young men accuse him of sexual abuse. >>> fighting breast cancer. should women worry about the risk from cell phones, hair color, water bottles, what's in the environment. tonight we have an update on prevention and treatment of the disease. >>> and together again, but perhaps for the last time. 70 years after a day the world will never forget a dwindling group of survivors returns to pearl harbor. group of survivors returns to pearl harbor. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. we begin here tonight with a big story, but one that could not be a more personal topic, especially among parents of young teenagers. it's about plan b, sometimes called the morning after contraceptive pill, and how close this country came today to allowing it to be freely sold over-the-counter on demand without prescription. it looked like a done deal, in fact, until the obama administration today did what no administration has ever done. it
Dec 7, 2011 2:00am PST
stories. a new accuser saying former penn state coach jerry sandusky sexually assaulted him when he was just 12 and gave him booze. >>> these demonstrators attempting to take back the capital. they're staging sit-ins in front of congressional offices and camping out on the national mall. >>> it's decision day for seniors. it's the last time you can change your medicare part "d" prescription drug plan. >>> let's get a check of today's weather. rob marciano with a seat in atlanta. >> good morning. we're looking at an active weather pattern, topsy-turvy, that seems to be the theme of the early season winter that's been crazy so far. rain stretching into the northeast. the heaviest stuff is across the ohio river valley. look at memphis, arkansas, little rock included. seeing some accumulation snow overnight, even as far south as louisiana. that's what we're watching carefully. also potential for seeing rainfall across the northeast. that could be flooding at least during the rush hour, street flooding, 2 to 4 inches of some rain here during the night time, the night and in through tomor
Dec 2, 2011 11:00pm PST
you. appreciate it. >>> well, did jerry sandusky continue to have a friendly relationship with the boys he's accused of sexually abusing after the abuse ended? now, this is a question that some people are asking as the war of words heeds up among the attorneys in the case. sandusky has been charged with sexually abusing eight boys while he was an assistant coach at penn state. he's denied the alleges. earlier this week his attorney told cnn that the former football coach has been social with two of the alleged victims as recently as this past summer. >> the young man we believe to be the person in the number two allegation, and the young man we believe to be the person in the number six allegation maintained friendships with jerry and his wife dothty. >> today the attorney for victim six says sanduskies asked him to dinner and the police were aware of it and asked victim six to wear a wire which he didn't do because he was nervous. carlos diaz is out front to break the story. the big question i have is even if a person had been abused and quote/unquote still does things th
Dec 3, 2011 2:00am EST
matters not. the lawyer for jerry sandusky, who we hear a lot from. we're not hearing a lot from the prosecution, because they're busy allegedly fielding new complaints from other alleged victims. the defense is out there talking to everyone that he can about, you know, how jerry sandusky is still friends with this victim and that victim, and once again we're seeing jerry sandusky trying to charm his way out of a situation. >> all right. so just to make it clear here, there would be no legal ramifications whatsoever, right, if someone who had been abused remained friendly with the abuser, right? maybe they still felt the pressure or still feel the guilt. >> and that's the thick. it's not about whether you're having dinner with jerry sandusky. whether you think he's a great guy. all those things don't matter in the situation. it matters what happens in the grand jury testimony. over 23 pages, 15 years of accusations. and then what matters is when the children take the stand and they're questioned by the prosecution. >> thank you very much, carlos. we appreciate you taking the time
Dec 7, 2011 7:00pm EST
today. former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky has been arrested again after two new accusers have come forward with new child molestation accusations. this brings the total number of alleged victims here to ten. nbc's peter alexander has been covering this story for us, is with us from our d.c. newsroom. peter, good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you. jerry sandusky appeared briefly in court this afternoon where a judge ordered him held on $250,000 cash bail. if he can meet those conditions he can get out of jail but he'll have to wear an electronic monitor. wearing hand cuffs and a penn state track suit jerry sandusky was arrested on the new charges at his home today bringing the number of boys he's accused of assaulting to ten. the two latest charges say sandusky abused two boys between the ages of 10 and 12. prosecutors say one series of assaults started 14 years ago. in court documents a grand jury accuses him of assaulting one of the boys in the basement of sandusky's home. it says the victim claimed, quote, he screamed for help knowing that sandusky's wi
Dec 5, 2011 5:30pm PST
news has learned that all eight alleged victims who say jerry sandusky sexually abused them are ready to testify outraged by the penn state football coach's bombshell interview with "the new york times." >>> bottoms up, why the simple act of sitting can super sooiz your backside. >>> and "made in america." meet some of the people back to work because of you. your dollars helps them. >> all: thank you, america. >>> good evening. you all know the motto. neither range, nor sleet or snow will stop the mail but today even a threat that the most determined letter carrier cannot overcome, bankruptcy. that's right, it's forcing the post office to make massive layoffs. 35,000 and that's by march 2012. services will be restricted in ways sure to be felt by all of us, especially when you consider this, each day americans send 563 million letters and packages. that's almost two pieces of mail every day for every one of us. so tonight we tackle the questions, can the post office be saved? should it, and what does the shake-up mean for america's economy and you? abc's sharyn alfonsi starts us off f
Dec 8, 2011 6:00am EST
's interview. >>> jerry sandusky could be let out of jail again today. he was arrested yesterday on sexual assault charges involving two new accusers. one who says his cries for help were ignored. jason carroll is live in pennsylvania for us this morning. good morning, jason. >> reporter: good morning to you. jerry sandusky denies the new allegations just as he's denied the previous ones. he now faces a total of 52 charges related to sexually abusing young boys. for the second time in two months, jerry sandusky, former assistant football coach at penn state, was hauled away in handcuffs facing charges of child sex abuse. a new grand jury finding two more alleged victims, identified as number nine and ten, claims sandusky abused them as children. both say they met sandusky through his second mile foundation. they claim he took an interest in them and inviting them to his home for meals and on outings and gradually engaged in sex acts with them. number nine was between 11 and 12 years old when he first met sandusky in 2004. he testified that over three years he often visited sandusky's home
Dec 2, 2011 8:00pm PST
with jerry sandusky, yes, i did. dinners, relationships, none of that matters. did you shower with jerry sandusky? yes. were you naked? yes, i was. those questions are what matters. having dinners and saying we're still friends. matters not. and that's the problem here. the lawyer for jerry sandusky, who, by the way, we hear a lot from. notice you're not hearing a lot from the prosecution because they're busy, probably, allegedly, fielding new complaints from other alleged victims. the defense is out there talking to everyone that he can about, you know, how jerry sandusky is still friends with this victim and that victim. once again, we're seeing jerry sandusky trying to charm his way out of a situation. >> all right, so, and just to make it clear here, there would be no, no legal ramifications whatsoever, right? if someone who had been abused remained friendly with the abuser, right? we never know. maybe they still felt the pressure and still feel the guilt. all kind of displaying that. >> that's the thing. not about whether you're having dinner with jerry sandusky and whether you thin
Dec 7, 2011 3:00am PST
. now his past used by conservative critics. >>> more disturbing allegations against jerry sandusky. another man saying he abused him and gave him alcohol as a boy. >>> i have been excused of being a tramt traitor to both sides. >>> a woman goes from wall street protester to wall street professional on this "american morning." -- captions by vitac -- >>> all right. good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, december 7th. ali is off today. i'm christine romans along with carol costello on this "american morning." welcome, everyone. >> welcome and good morning. up first this morning, newt gingrich threatening to run away with the republican race. his bid for the gop nomination going gang busters. it's beginning to look like a gingrich juggernaut. look at the latest gallup poll. among republican voters nationwide, 37% now say gingrich is their choice. he leads mitt romney by a whopping 15 points. cnn's deputy political director paul steinhauser joins us live from washington this morning. who could have predicted this? >> boy, one crazy ride. we've seen candidates go up and d
Dec 14, 2011 3:00am PST
scandal. jerry sandusky in and out of court in minutes waiving a preliminary hearing and keeping accusers from taking the stand. afterwards we heard a few hints about his defense strategy. joining us now is jerry sandusky's attorney joe amendola. thank you for joining us this morning. >> good morning, carol. thank you. >> i think a lot of people are still confused about why you decided to waive the preliminary hearing. so tell us why. >> the answer is simple. monday night the attorney for the commonwealth contacted me to discuss details about the preliminary hearing. during those conversations i had with him, he indicated he would ask the judge following the preliminary hearing to increase bail. i've always been concerned that jerry might wind up in jail pending his trial, which would really impede our efforts to adequately and properly prepare his defense. it's very difficult to work with a defendant when he's incarcerated. so we began discussions about making concessions. us waiving the preliminary hearing in return from the commonwealth saying to us, guaranteeing, they would not seek i
FOX News
Dec 13, 2011 8:00am PST
have major developments in the penn state child sex abuse case. former football coach jerry sandusky you're seeing on the screen, waiving his right to a preliminary hearing, a decision that moves him one step closer to trial on the multiple charges of child sexual assault. david lee miller has been following the story since the beginning. he is live outside the courthouse in pennsylvania with more. tell us a little bit what happened this morning? >> reporter: a lot of people could not believe what they were hearing. 8:30 this morning the hearing underway. the first thing they were told the defendant is waiving his right for the hearing thaflt was it. it was over in a matter of minutes. with me is the attorney for the accused, jerry sandusky. mr. amendola thanks for joining me. we spoke yesterday morning. you told me you were not going to waive jerry sandusky's appearance at this hearing. less than two 12 hours later everything changed. what happened? >> i had discussions with the chief prosecutor in jerry's case. as a result we both made concessions. our concession we would waive the
Dec 13, 2011 5:00pm EST
we have always been ready to defend. this is the fight of jerry sandusky's life. >> lawyers are furious. accusing the former football coach of icing the kicker. calling a timeout, even as the alleged victims are just about to testify about some of the most horrible events of their lives. >> putting these kids through this and pulling it at the last minute is just a total disregard for them and is further abuse. >> sandusky stands charged with 50 counts of abusing boys as young as 10 years old. who he met through his charity for disadvantaged children. prosecutors say it was monday night they learned that sandusky would waive the hearing. >> i'm not that surprised. >> when the case goes to trial, look for sandusky's lawyers to launch an attack on the alleged victim's motives. >> what greater motivation than money? i have seen money break up families. >> many of those alleged victims you already heard have hired lawyers. they are plotting to go after sandusky's assets. the assets of the second mile charity and penn state's deep pockets. those lawyers say that is just the
Dec 8, 2011 6:00am EST
morning, 6:owe 5. jerry sandusky back in a virginia -- in a pennsylvania jail cell, that is. police arrested the former penn state football coach yesterday after two more people accused him of sexual abuse. the new accusations bring the total number of molestation charges against him to more than 50. >> we go live for much more on this. paul? >> good morning. that's right sandusky is looking for a way out of jail this morning but even -- pardon me, after failing to post $250,000 bail. but even if he comes up with the money today, he won't be going far. a judge says he will be confined to house arrest and wearing an electronic ankle bracelet. >> jerry is scratching his head saying what's next? i said don't ask that question. don't ask can it get worse because it can. >> it may well get a lot worse. at a hearing set for next tuesday, sandusky will come face to face with at least eight of his accusers. they are all expected to testify. natasha? >> paul, thank you for that report. now closer to home, people who live in a gaithersburg condo comp
Dec 7, 2011 9:00pm PST
and would not be eligible for early release until he serves almost 12 years. >>> jerry sandusky tonight faces new charges of child molestation. he was take noon custody by the state police. a look at the growing case against sandusky. >> handcuffed and wearing a penn state sweat suit, jerry sandusky was arrested again wednesday, charged with molest two more boys. that brings the total number of alleged victims in the criminal case to ten. >> jer is scratching his head saying what is next. i said don't ask that question. don't ask can it get worse because it can. >> according to the indictment, victim nine is now 18 years old and says sandusky began molesting limit at age 11. some of the attacks allegedly occurred in the basement of sandusky's house or in the swimming pool of a nearby hotel. he says his alleged encounters with the former penn state assistant football coach only ended after he finally refused to perform a sex act in a car. >> i didn't do those things. >> just last week, jerry sandusky told the new york times he did nothing illegal. his repeated denials only emboldened his
Dec 7, 2011 6:00am PST
situation where kids were playing in a pool with jerry sandusky, was later separated from that group and taken on a tour by jerry sandusky of the football building. now, a lot of other incidents have happened at that football building, but all of them have been alleged to have happened in a shower. this man is saying that he was taken to an office. he was given whiskey and he talked to sandusky about his life and how he ended up at the second mile and then he was assaulted before jerry sandusky took him back to the dorms. >> we know jerry sandusky has a number of charges against him already. with these new claims about sandusky, will additional charges be pressed against him, sara? >> don, that's hard to say. you know, there have been, by my account, five people have come forward since the initial charges were filed and made public allegations against jerry sandusky. they are, the majority of them, as far as we know, have also talked to the attorney general's office and given statements to police. however, it's hard to know if they are, if they are actually going to lead to charges.
Dec 5, 2011 6:30pm EST
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Dec 8, 2011 4:25am EST
there. >>> jerry sandusky is behind bars. the former penn state assistant football coach was arrested yesterday on new child abuse charges. the latest charges against sandusky come after two additional accusers testified in front of a grand jury. sandusky couldn't post the $250,000 bail forcing him to spend the night in jail. the 67-year-old ex-coach now faces more than 50 counts of child sexual abuse. >>> health and human services is keeping the age limit on the plan b morning after pill as is. ainsley earhart has more. >> reporter: the so-called morning after pill can prevent pregnancy for taken soon enough after unprotected sex. if you can prove you're over 17, can it without a prescription. the food and drug administration was ready to let it be sold on drugstore shelves to just anyone. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius overruled the agency. she says she is concerned very young girls couldn't properly understand how to use it without guidance from an adult. new york presbyterian hospital's dr. kathleen london says the evidence there is to allow the drug to be s
Dec 5, 2011 10:00am EST
penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky gives yet another interview talking about the abuse allegations against him. why does his attorney let him keep talking? more on that in ten minutes. >>> iran claims to have shut down a spy plane along the eastern border. the u.s. says they could be referring to a reconnaissance aircraft that crashed last week. they weren't sure where it crashed. we'll get a complete report from jim mick la chef ski in the next half hour. >>> they were ordered to go following a nato attack that killed 24 pakistani soldiers. tensions since then have been very high. pakistan's prime minister today says his country wants to rebuild ties with the united states. >>> did you see these pictures? a standoff between protesters and u.s. parks police ended last night when officers used a cherry picker to remove half a dozen protoprotesters from the roof of a shack. 31 people were arrested after they refused to dismantle the unfinished structure which had gone up overnight on saturday. >>> my doctor told me calcium is best absorbed in small continuous amounts. onl
Dec 14, 2011 7:00am EST
>>> good morning. coward. jerry sandusky blasted by an attorney for one of his accusers for backing out of a hearing tied to his child sex abuse case. was it a sign he's hoping for a plea deal? this morning, jerry sandusky's attorney speaks out in a live interview. >>> total ban. a total federal agency push to go ban all personal electronic devices behind the wheel nationwide. even hands-free phone calls would be off limits. will it make the road safer, or is the government going too far? >>> and who will it be? a lot of people have made their mark on the world in 2011. but only one can be named "time" magazine's person of the year. we'll reveal the answer, live today, wednesday, december 14th, we'll reveal the answer, live today, wednesday, december 14th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> from nbc news, this is "today," with matt lauer and ann curry. live, from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning, welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning, i'm matt lauer. >> and i'm ann curry. good morning, everybody. is jerry sandusky's attorney is calling hi
Dec 12, 2011 3:00am PST
boy stick his head out of the shower and later jerry sandusky left with a towel on. mcqueary told the grand jury he actually witnessed rasandusky raping a young boy. >> a preliminary hearing expected to begin in the morning. cnn's susan candiotti spoke with the attorney of one of the victims and has a preview of what we can expect in the courtroom. >> ali and christine, good morning. at the preliminary hearing on tuesday we'll get a sneak peek at the prosecutor's case against jerry sandusky. wearing his court-ordered ankle bracelet, jerry sandusky will leave his home tuesday to face his accuser for the first time. a potentially explosive moment in this courtroom, when his alleged victims take the stand outlining dramatic charges ever rape and molestation. >> what do you think the atmosphere will be like in the courtroom? >> i think it will be electric. >> reporter: sandusky is charged with performing oral sex on the teenager known as alleged victim number one more than 20 times in 2007 and 2008. the boy's attorney says the teen is ready to testify. >> how is your client trying to
Dec 3, 2011 9:00am EST
state scandal is revealing new details. jerry sandusky spoke to "the new york times" in a wide ranging exchanged that stretched over two days. and he denied he ever sexually abused any young boys. >> these ealallegations are fal. i didn't do those things ch. i don't know. >> sandusky was also asked about the interview he did last month on nbc's "rock center." >> are you sexually attracted to young boys, to underage boys? >> am i sexually attracted to underage boys? sexually attracted, you know, i enjoy young people. >> i was sitting there going what in the world is this question? you know, if i say no, i'm not attracted to boys, that's not the truth, because i'm attracted to young people, boys, girls -- >> but not sexually. >> right. i enjoy spending time with young people. i enjoy spending time with people. my two favorite groups are the elderly and the young. >> nbc's national investigator correspondent michael isikoff is live. if the viewers were able to hear the voice coming from off camera, that was his attorney, saying to clarify, not sexually attracted, right. >> right. >> and a
Dec 14, 2011 7:00am PST
state. jerry sandusky chose to waive tuesday's hearing, avoiding an emotional confrontation with his accusers. but he vowed to fight all the sexual abuse charges. and his attorney, joe amendola, called it a fight to the death. first, here's abc's jim avila. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, george. one attorney told me it was the first smart move made by the defense. a decision to pull the threats of open accusers in open court. and more details in this case overcame that bravado. as he left home for court, jerry sandusky was keeping a secret. as he arrived at court, he ignored shouted questions from reporters. perhaps, now, we know why. >> mr. sandusky, how do you feel about the opportunity to face your accusers, sir? are you looking forward to it? >> reporter: sandusky and his attorney had changed their minds about any open-court showdown with his alleged victims. >> as hurtful as it was to son-in-law of the survivors to be built up and not testify, this was smart for sandusky. >> reporter: with his accusers standing by, sandusky's attorney waived the right to a prelim
Dec 7, 2011 7:00am PST
abuse scandal. according to his lawyer a 19-year-old man claims coach jerry sandusky gave him whit key and molested him in the penn state athletic building when he was 12. next week, some plan to testify against him at a pretrial hearing. joining us from state college is jerry sandusky's lawyer joe amendola. have you spoken with your client about the latest claims? >> yes. we don't know about them at the present time. jerry denies those allegations as he has the original allegations but we hope to get more information as we proceed. >> so you're saying he is denying these along with the original ones. a lot of the alleged victims here have said and him speaking to you out to "the new york times" and bob costas, they feel re-victimized. do you believe the allegations most of the people have made are totally false? >> yes. as a matter of fact, jerry has maintained his innocence from the initial allegation back in 2008 which started off as an allegation of fondling and grew over several months into much more serious sexual activities. jerry has always denied any appropriate sexual contact
Dec 11, 2011 8:00am EST
penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky will face some of his accusers for the first time in court on tuesday. jay gray joins us with a preview. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jenna. you talk about an exfootball coach, jerry sandusky. his attorney tell itting me he's taking an active role in game planning for his first hearing on tuesday for a difficult and very pivotal week for the former nittany lion defensive coordinator. mr. sandusky, any comments? strapped with an electronic monitoring band, he appears for his first day in court, on at least 50 charges in the child sexual assault case. >> this will be a one-sided proceeding, a proceeding where the commonwealth will call witnesses who are going to say all of these horrific things happen. >> this is the first time sandusky has seen some of his accusers face to face since their horrific allegations of abuse went public. >> he's looking forward to it in a sense to see what these young men say in a court of law, under oath. while we're there with the ability to cross-examine them. >> reporter: sandusky repeatedly s
Dec 11, 2011 6:00am PST
lakes. now here's jenna. >> janice, thanks. >>> former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky will face some of his accusers for the first time in court on tuesday. jay gray joins us from penn state with a preview. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jenna. yeah. as you talk about the next football coach says jerry sandusky, his attorney telling me that he is taking an active role in game planning for his first hearing on tuesday in what is sure to be a difficult and very pivotal week for the former nittany lion defensive coordinator. >> any comments? >> reporter: strapped with an electronic monitoring babd, confined by a judge to the home he has put up as part of his bail, jerry sandusky now prepares for his first day in court on at least 50 charges in this child sexual assault case. >> this is going to be a one-sided proceeding. this is going to be a proceeding where the commonwealth is going to call witnesses who are going to say all these horic things happened. >> reporter: the preliminary hearing tuesday will be the first time sandusky has seen some of his acc
Dec 13, 2011 4:25am EST
they fired on that suspect. >>> former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky heads to court today. his lawyers say the ex-coach is looking forward to the preliminary hearing eager to face his accusers. he wants to lock witnesses into testimony and learn more about the government's case. as many as 10 young men could publicly testify today for the first time. he is being accused of more than 50 counts of child sex abuse but maintains his innocence. >>> with time running out on the payroll tax cut, the house is voting later today on a republican plan to extend it so everybody's taxes do not go up on january 1st. the measure includes a provision on moving forward on the keystone pipeline, something opposed by president obama and because of that, democrats in the senate say it does not have a chance of passing. >>> four protesters with the occupy d.c. movements are on a hunger strike this morning. they want a meeting with the top republican in the house who oversees the district. congressman darryl issa chairs the oversight committee and the protesters say they will refuse all f
Dec 7, 2011 5:00pm PST
state agistant coach is behind bars on new charges. jhessyejerry sandusky -- jerry sandusky was arrested today. one claimed he repeatedly molested him when he was 11 or 12. he said he screamed for help but no one came. jerry sandusky faces more than 50 charges of abusing 10 boys. >>> right now we want to take you to sacramento. you are looking live outside the state capital where a tree lighting ceremony is about to get underway. ktvu's ken pritchett is there on the ground. coming up, why this season at the capital expects to be less extravagant than in year's past. >>> family's fight to give their son a fighting chance. why they want dos give him more time. >> no freeze warning but temperatures will reach freezing, i will show you where. ç.ç.á# yep, we got you the new at&t u-verse wireless receiver so you can put your tv pretty much anywhere you want. and that stand... anywhere? like, we can put it over there? and that coffee... or we could t it on the patio for watching the game with the guys. or in the kitchen? but, these curtains are... i can't believe you moved the tv. it's like
Dec 16, 2011 7:00am EST
-old mysterious disappearance of the district attorney who first investigated jerry sandusky. >>> and what a year. we'll look back at all the big moments and fun times we've had in 2011 "today," friday, december 16th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> and i'm ann curry. happy friday, everybody. this debate in sioux city was the last before the iowa caucuses, january 3rd. >> while newt gingrich did face some criticism, surprisingly, none of it came from mitt romney. he saved his harshest words for president obama. we'll have much more on the debate and where the republican race stands right now, straight ahead. >>> an encouraging sign for one of the smallest babies ever born, delivered at 24 weeks and weighed 9.5 ounces and doctors gave her a 1% chance of surviving. now four months later doctors have wonderful news for this family. we'll talk to the parents coming up in just a few moments. >>> and we're going to be hearing a lot from how warde stern on the new season of "mark's got talent." the outspo
Dec 3, 2011 8:00am EST
coach jerry sandusky sat down with a "the new york times" reporter jo becker and discussed the charges that he sexually abused children. >> the allegations are false. i didn't do those things. i don't know. >> reporter: sandusky said there was chaos in the house where he often hosted children from his charity called second mile. he discusses two separate investigations. one 1989 allegation of an incident in which sandusky was said to have hugged a young man in a shower. >> i always -- >> by an officer? >> by the two. by one person of children. >> and an officer and that was it? >> right after that, we got an unfounded report. >> reporter: the investigation sandusky says only took a couple of days and university officials, including head coach joe paterno, never confronted him. >> i don't know that he didn't know. i know that he didn't never said anything to me. >> reporter: in 2002, an assistant coach reported seeing sandusky sodomizing a youngster in a shower. sandusky says he spoke to penn state collect director tim curly. >> i told him it didn't happen. in my mind, there wasn't inap
Dec 9, 2011 7:00am EST
is holding his prisoner? >>> shocked and dismayed job jerry sandusky's wife opens up for the first time since her husband is charged with month lefting young boys and she takes on the victims, saying their claims are made up. >>> and encouraging signs of a young model after she walks into a plane's propeller. you might be surprised by what she said when she saw her favorite for the first time since the accident. today is friday, december 9th, since the accident. today is friday, december 9th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and welcome today on this fri morning. i'm ann curry. >> and i'm david gregory. this hostage video was just 54 seconds long and along with some photographs, it was sent to the family of robert levinson about a year ago now. >> but it was not released until this morning because authorities feared if made public it would hurt their efforts to bring levinson home. >>> sad news for the dugger family. after announcing they were expecting their 20th child, michelle dugger has now suffered a miscarriage. we'll talk about the decision do have another child,
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